About Me

One of my first experiences providing Real Estate Services was in Vancouver BC. 
I was a licensed assistant working for a luxury Real Estate Agent who had two brokerages in Vancouver and one in London UK. Lets just say instead of getting my feet wet with a little experience I was dropped into the deep end. 

After several months I decided to come back to my home town with the ambition of providing individually personalized Real Estate services to everyone no matter the value of your home. I want to provide the comfort and convenience I became well accustom to providing in Vancouver to my family, friends, and the residents in my beautiful home town of Camrose and its surrounding area.

"I am passionate about helping others, in all facets of life. I believe we all have opportunity though it may be in varying degrees with a little help we can obtain our goals through hard work and determination."

If you want help with your Real Estate needs I am a click away.

Kindest Regards,

Drew Conlon

Drew Conlon
Drew Conlon

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